The Top 5 Men’s Shoes to Get This Year

The Top 5 Men’s Shoes to Get This Year

When thinking of the hottest shoe trends for men, your mind may instantly go to Nike, Jordan and other popular brands that are found in popular stores throughout the country. Many celebrities are endorsing different brands this year, however, including Givenchy, Versace, Ted Baker, Balenciaga, Adidas and even more. Continue reading below to learn more about five of the top shoes for men to consider shopping for this year so that you are at the top of the fashion list:

1. Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Core White

White sneakers are becoming more popular among men, and the Pharrell x Adidas NMD Hu Core White is one of the top options for your next pair of white sneakers. The popular sports brand has teamed up with the musician known as Pharrell Williams to produce these sleek sneakers with a unique design feature of painted words. There is even additional cushioning in these shoes to give you greater comfort and a greater spring to your step.

2. Givenchy Metal Square-Toe Leather Derby Shoes

If you want to look classy every now and then or are a businessman who has to dress up every day, look no further than the dress shoes known as the Givenchy Metal Square-Toe Leather Derby Shoes. You will find a metal case that has a square shape around the toe of the shoe which has a goldish tint for an upscale look. The leather is smooth with only logo engraves, and the leather is from Italy as that is right where the shoes are made.

3. Versace Medusa-Stud Leather Chelsea Boots

The Versace Medusa-Stud Leather Chelsea Boots are a great accessory for men during the colder weather with a rustic look that does not neglect the upscale feel of Versace. There is a stud that is difficult to notice at first on the front of the boot, and the shoes are completely made of the smoothest leather. The bottom of these shoes are rubber and made of tread for a unique look that will be sure to turn heads when you walk by.

4. Balenciaga Strike Leather Lace-Up Ankle Boots

Balenciaga is one of the top shoe brands in the world, and the Balenciaga Strike Leather Lace-Up Ankle Boots are some of the best and most fashionable boots currently available. The toe has an exaggerated roundness for unique styling, and the laces go all the way up for a rustic or combat feel. The leather on the boots is handcrafted in Italy, where the boots are also finished for you to enjoy wearing at any time.

5. Ted Baker Leather Sneakers

There are many shoes that are fashionable and available to men under the British shoe brand that is known as Ted Baker. The Ted Baker Leather Sneakers are some of the most popular and most modern that are currently available, however. These shows have an upscale look that goes great with any outfit for an everyday vibe without having to think too hard. The leather is soft to the touch as well in order to give you premium comfort when wearing these shoes all day.

Fashion is not just about women anymore. Consider one of the shoes above for your next look and to be at the top of your fashion game.

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