5 Hottest Shoe Trends in 2021

5 Hottest Shoe Trends in 2021

Shoes have evolved tremendously through the decades, with platform shoes being the rage in the mid-1900s, to cloth sneakers like Sneakers in the late 1900s and now the popularity of bots and leather on shoes for classic styling. Shoes are an important part of any outfit, so it is important to be sure you are always following the trends. Continue reading below for the five best shoe trends that will come in the year 2021:

1. Leather sneakers

Sneakers, specifically those that are made with soft leather, are becoming increasingly popular and will be great options for the year 2021. Manufacturers such as Ted Baker have released low-top sneakers that have a classic, rounded styling that will go with every outfit. Just because leather sneakers are made of a harsher material, they still optimize the top comfort that is available so that you can wear them all day. Be sure to find your own versions of these sneakers for your next outfit, as they literally go with anything.

2. Leather loafers

Dress shoes are also becoming more important and can go with many outfits ranging from business casual to formal. One popular type of styling that is seen in dress shoe wear is the loafer style, and this style is becoming even more classic when it is paired with leather upholstery. This gives the pair of shoes the upscale feel that they may need. Brands such as Givenchy are even further enhancing these leather loafers by adding details such as metal around the toe of the shoe.

3. Platform sneakers

Platform sneakers are a style that combines the added height and classiness that comes from wearing a wedge with the comfort and versatility that comes with wearing a sneaker. Brands such as Neiman Marcus, Gucci, Converse and more are coming out with these platform shoes. You will see the typical sneaker styling on the top with the laces and tongue, with a platform that can be up to several inches high on the bottom. This will give a unique look to any outfit that you want to wear.

4. Metal details on boots

Boots have been popular for years, and this style of shoes comes in many forms in and of itself. You may have heard of cowboy boots, rain boots, duck boots, tall riding boots and more; but these are all getting added detailing. Many of these shoes are not receiving metal detailing which gives them a modern twist. Versace, for instance, has boots that have metal studs or chain details shown throughout while other brands have metal around the sole of the boots and more.

5. European block heel pumps

You may not have thought of block heels for years, but these pumps are coming back into style with a vengeance. The shoes are called European as this style did remain popular throughout the region, and brands such as Christian Louboutin, Gianvito Rossi and more have released these popular pumps worldwide. One added benefit of choosing this type of heel is an added sense of comfort as the thicker heel will lead to more support for the arch of your foot.

Fashion often comes through waves, and many of the shoe trends of 2021 that have been listed above have been seen before. Now, however, these trends are just significantly more modern, so be sure to check them out.

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