3 Best Laptop Brands in 2021

3 Best Laptop Brands in 2021

It is not easy to find the right laptop’s brand primarily because the market is flooded with several new brands and models, each boasting of new-gen specifications. Amidst the variety, it can get a bit overwhelming to find the best laptop brand. Thus, to simplify the decision-making process, here is a list of top-rated laptop brands. These brands are reliable, durable, and offer good value for money.

  • Dell

Dell is one of the top-rated laptop brands in the world. With its Ultrabook, Dell has indeed garnered more popularity. These laptops are ultra-portable, have phenomenal specifications, and work supremely well. All laptops from the brand are designed to last. The company is known to yield some of the best business laptops. The Latitude 7400 2-in-1 offers a multi-day battery backup and has a solid design. Dell is also famous for its latest XPS models that deliver everything with a high standard. They have the newest software, excellent screen resolution, and have employed an innovative design. The vast lineup of products looks fantastic and has decent internal hardware and is very stylish. Made with premium quality materials, Dell laptops are portable, lightweight, and assure good battery life. A few business-oriented or budget laptops from the brand may not be the best, but the XPS line is a superhit.

  • HP

HP is a global computer manufacturer launched in 1939. Over the years, it has produced laptops that have been ahead of their times. Today, it has a diverse range of laptops – fanless laptops, detachable 2-in-1s basic notebooks, convertibles, high-end workstations, and gaming devices. All their machines are known for their phenomenal performance and output. The high-end series from the brand, such as ZBook, Omen, and Spectre, are all packed with incredible features and offer good value for money.

Similarly, its Envy and Spectre lineup are equipped with captivating aesthetics and superior design elements. Some other series from the brand are Chromebooks, ProBook, Essentials. EliteBook, and Pavilion. HP is also known for its incredible customer support. You can always expect prompt pre-and-post sales support via emails, calls, and live chat.

  • Apple

Another top-rated laptop brand in the world is Apple, which is known for its stylish premium laptops. All of its laptops have superior build quality and are packed with high-end innovative features. The thin bezels, elegant chassis, pricey video rendering software, extreme brightness, and impressive display make every product stunning. It is a globally trusted brand and has always received top reviews from customers around the world. Apple has its own Mac OS, which comes pre-installed in all of their machines, such as MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and even its latest MacBook. Apple has the best user-friendly laptops and offers instant customer support. As for its OS, it is surely error-free as opposed to Windows.

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