Tips For Safe Travel With Pets

Tips For Safe Travel With Pets

Traveling with your pet can be both exciting and difficult at the same time. However, there are several tips available to ensure your journey with your pet is as comfortable as possible. While you’d love to choose the safest and most comfortable mode of transport, there are specific measures to consider to keep things smooth and memorable. To help you, here is a comprehensive guide to plan travel with your pet.

1. Get a customized pet ID
The first tip in the guide to plan travel with your pet obviously includes making your pet wear an ID tag or collar that has complete details of it and you. It’s even preferable to insert a tiny microchip that is programmed with a unique ID number in your pet. It can help you find your pet easily if it gets lost during the journey.

2. Keep your pet in a well-ventilated carrier
You can find a variety of crates and carriers made of different materials such as wire mesh, hard plastic, and soft-sided. Make sure it is large enough for your pet to feel comfortable and to turn around easily. Moreover, make your pet get used to the crate in the comfort of your home before you go on the trip.

3. Carry essential medical reports
Another vital point in the guide to plan travel with your pet includes carrying its medical reports and history. It should include complete vaccination details, medications taken/required, allergic conditions, and others. Check with airlines about specific pet requirements and medical information that is needed. It’s advisable to carry the reports always, irrespective of the mode of travel.

4. Opt for pet-friendly hotels
Remember that not all hotels allow pets, and those that do allow, have specific requirements. Contact the hotel in advance to know the complete details of pet stay, including the measures you need to take to ensure your pet doesn’t cause trouble.

5. Pack right
Packing the right items for your pet is crucial to ensure a safe and comfortable expedition. You’ll need to carry portable water bottles, wet wipes, extra bedding, a couple of additional blankets, and some clothing. You can also include some favorite toys of your pet to avoid boredom.

6. Book your tickets in advance
Booking tickets in advance is highly advantageous for you and your pet. Most airlines and other modes of travel have a set capacity and specific seating requirements to accommodate pets. This can be fulfilled only on a first-come-first-serve basis. It ensures your entire travel is highly safe and secure for your pet, and you can also travel stress-free.

7. Follow a specific schedule
Make sure feeding your pet, playing with him/her, giving enough rest, and encouraging entertainment are pretty much the same while at home. Your pet’s schedule can be altered to a small degree, but a significant change in routine can cause a lot of distress and irritation in your pet. It’s also important to ensure your pet stays healthy throughout the journey.

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