Tips To Apply Skin Foundation

Tips To Apply Skin Foundation

Foundation can provide your skin with a flawless and evenly-toned appearance. However, applying the foundation the proper way can be tricky for many people. Here, we provide some useful pro tips on applying foundation.

Take care of the canvas
Your face is the canvas on which you apply the foundation. If the skin is not healthy, the foundation alone cannot help you achieve the best look. This is why you must take thorough care of your skin. Before using the foundation, start by cleansing your face, exfoliating it to remove dry skin, and moisturize the skin so the foundation can sit well.   

Do not forget the primer
Some women do not use the primer, as it makes the makeup process longer. However, you need it to get a flawless appearance. If you have dull spots, patchy pigmentation, or redness on your face, the primer can hide them successfully. When you use the primer, the face becomes smoother and allows the foundation to sit perfectly. 

Use it conservatively
When choosing the right foundation color according to your skin tone, you do not have to apply it all over the face to get an even appearance. The best way to get a natural-looking skin with a foundation is to apply it only to areas that need it. Use a little amount of foundation on each area instead of spreading it all over at once. 

Start from the center
It is one of the most important pro tips on applying foundation on the face. Blemishes or redness on the skin is often more visible in the center of the face. This is why you should begin by using the foundation from the center. Apply a little bit of it on the chin, forehead, and sides of the nose. You can then begin blending it towards the edges of the face. After the application, look for any visible blemishes and use a very thin coat of foundation on them. 

Do not rub it
Rubbing the foundation on your face leads to markings. To correctly apply the foundation on your face, use your fingers or a brush to tap the product on the required areas gently. Experts often suggest using the fingertips to apply the foundation, as the skin’s warmth helps with the mixing.  

Do not avoid the ears
Do not forget that your ears are part of the face. If there are any marks or redness on the ear, apply a tiny amount of foundation to make them appear evenly toned with the face. 

These pro tips on applying foundation can help you get flawless skin only when the tone is correct. You should be careful while choosing the foundation and ensure that it matches with the skin.

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