Tips to Apply Lipstick Perfectly

Tips to Apply Lipstick Perfectly

Correctly applying lipstick is not an easy job, but you must get it right every time. A poorly applied lipstick can ruin your entire appearance. If you are looking for ways to ensure that your lips look perfect, the below list of pro tips on applying lipstick can help. 

Keep your lips fresh
If you have peeling patches on your lips, wearing lipstick can highlight them even more. If you use liquid lipstick, it can expose the patches. This is why it is important to keep your lips fresh. To do so, you need to make it a habit of taking care of the lips by exfoliating them twice a week. You can do so just before applying the lipstick. For this purpose, you can use a lip scrub and moisturizing products.

Use bright colors
Many women are afraid to use light colors on their lips. However, if you choose the right color based on your lips, a bright lipstick can make you appear striking. Coral or cherry red can make your lips look great, even if they are naturally pale. If you want a natural color, consider using a hot pink lipstick. It is essential that you choose the lipstick based on your lips’ color, not skin tone.

Consider nude colors
If you prefer natural-looking lipstick colors, the right pro tips on applying lipstick can help with that too. While choosing a nude lipstick tone, ensure to get one that complements your skin tone. Pick a lipstick color that is only a little deeper or brighter than your skin.

Use liners the right way
If you want to create symmetry around your lips or make the cupid’s bow more prominent, using a good quality liner can help. Ensure that the liner matches your lip’s color, not the lipstick. You can also consider abandoning the liner altogether. A carefully applied quality lipstick does not require any liner.

Make the edges softer
Do not bother too much with precision while applying your lipstick. If you want the lips to appear fuller, softer edges will do the trick. You can achieve that by smudging the edges of the lips and creating a diffused appearance.  

Begin in the center
To avoid the over-application of lipstick, start from the center of your lips. You can blend the color towards the corners, which lowers the possibilities of an error. 

Do not forget to blot
You must remember to apply two coats of lipstick for a better appearance. Apply the first coat, blot it carefully with a tissue paper, and then use the final coat. This will make your lips shinier.

With these pro tips on applying lipstick, you can easily get the most alluring lips every time you go out. 

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