The Top Rated 4K TVs

The Top Rated 4K TVs

In today’s world, smart TVs are becoming increasingly common in the average household. In fact, statistics indicate that over 800 million people have smart TVs in their homes. A smart TV, or a connected TV, is a traditional television set with added Internet integration and interactive Web 2.0 features, which enables it to connect to the internet and download streaming related apps.
Let’s take a look at five of the most popular smart TVs that are on the market right now:

1. TCL 6-Series
It’s hard to beat the TCL 6 series when it comes to providing quality at such an affordable price. This model provides better video quality than its predecessor as a result of its full-array dimming feature and mini-LED technology. It can also prove to be a good solution for budget gamers due to its THX mode which enables it to provide high contrast and a low input lag. Additionally, the tv runs on the Roku operating system so users are able to gain access to a wide array of stable apps.

The LG OLED CX can be best described as being one of the best tvs on the market right now. It comes in three sizes: 48 inches, 65 inches and 77 inches. It features a 4K OLED display and offers the highest performance for its price range. The main advantage you stand to gain with an OLED display is that they are ideal for dark room viewing. And because the TV has a wide viewing angle, you won’t experience blooming when it comes to bright objects. The TV is also ideal for gaming as it supports HDMI 2.1 which is ideal when it comes to running the PlayStation 5 on Xbox X Series.

3. Vizio M-Series Quantum
When it comes to buying a TV, the price you’ll pay ultimately comes down to how much you desire good image quality. While most cheap TVs tend to provide a ‘good enough’ picture, if you want features such as high dynamic range and 4K compatibility, you usually have to pay extra. This is what makes the Vizio M-Series Quantum an ideal option if you’re on a budget. It provides superior features that you typically find in more expensive brands such as being able to display videos in 4K resolution, smartcast, HDR compatibility and full array with local dimming.

4. Sony XBR-x900H
This TV is ideal for movies, streaming and gaming related activities. It provides great picture quality as a result of its wide color gamut, contrast ratio and high peak brightness. Playing HDR content on this TV looks especially beautiful and gamers can expect to get low input lag and a fast response time. However, even though it’s advertised that it supports variable refresh rate (VRR), in fact this feature is not functional yet.

5. Samsung Q80T
The Samsung Q80T is a remarkable 4K TV which provides excellent picture quality for almost every kind of media. The TV features an Ultra Viewing Angle layer, which enables it to provide consistent image accuracy even when the TV is being viewed from the side. It’s a perfect choice for gamers as it features a 120Hz refresh rate and features a functionally variable refresh rate (VRR) mode which enables it to reduce screen tearing. The TV also handles bright objects and reflections fairly well and gets bright enough to fend off glare.

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