The 8 Most Romantic Flowers to Give

The 8 Most Romantic Flowers to Give

Flowers are the perfect gift for any occasion, including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and many others. They offer a sense of romance and love that no other gift is able to give. With Valentine’s Day so close, it is important to consider a bouquet of flowers as a viable gift option. Consider one of the right types of flowers found below for the most romantic gift that you can give your partner for the next event or holiday:

1. Red roses
Red roses are always romantic, whether you give your loved one a single rose or two dozen. There is a legend that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, created the red rose for her lover. Following that legend, history suggests there is no flower as romantic as a red rose.

2. Tulips
Tulips are one of the most popular flowers for the spring as they are seen sprouting up in gardens and integrated into bouquets across the country. When you give a red tulip, you are symbolizing a declaration of your love. A purple tulip, however, gives a sense of elegance to the recipient.

3. Sunflowers
Sunflowers are a great romantic gift for someone that you want to be dedicated to for life. The bright yellow colors showcase the happiness you have in a relationship and how much joy the recipient brings you. The flower itself can showcase and symbolize loyalty, loving adoration, and even the strength of your relationship.

4. Daisies
Daisies are a wonderful gift for someone if you are in a new relationship with them or if you are both young. They symbolize a sense of purity and innocence that feels natural in a new relationship. If you find the recipient particularly beautiful, consider a daisy as a gift as well as the flowers can symbolize beauty.

5. Stargazer lilies
The Stargazer Lily is originally from Asia, and they are available in vibrant colors. If you want to give these lilies in a way that symbolizes the prosperity that you hope will come in a relationship, these are the best choice for you. If you choose the white variety, you can symbolize a sense of innocence as well.

6. Lilacs
Lilacs have a strong history of symbolizing the first signs of love in a relationship. They can even be used as a parting gift as the fragrant flowers can represent how much you will miss the individual that you love.

7. Orchids
The orchid is one of the most elegant and refined flowers that are available. When you give an orchid, you are truly showing how much your significant other matters to you. They are a rare find as well, so are sure to be a great gift for those who enjoy flowers.

8. Daffodils
Daffodils are some of the first flowers that show themselves in the spring. If your significant other needs sympathy or you want to give a gift after a fight, consider a daffodil. This flower can represent a new beginning in your relationship and the path forward that you will take together.

Flowers are a wonderful gift for the person that you love any time of year for any holiday or event. Consider one of those listed above for a flower that truly can represent your love.

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