Difference Between Streaming Services and TV Cable Packages

Difference Between Streaming Services and TV Cable Packages

With over 270 services available in the country, it would not be wrong to say that the streaming era has finally arrived. It might appear to you that everyone around is cutting the cord these days, but the undeniable truth is there are still a bunch of things that can only be watched live. To get access to these live TV channels, you have to subscribe to a traditional satellite TV provider. The big question is, who are you going to put your money on? To decide, read this comparison between streaming services and TV cable packages.

  • Flexibility

As for flexibility, there are no two ways about the fact that streaming services are far more flexible than traditional television services. Moreover, with cable companies, you are under rigid annual contracts. On the other hand, streaming services allow you to sign with them and then revoke your subscription as and how you like it. There is no termination fee involved with streaming services. Thus, if you have to relocate or travel somewhere temporarily, streaming services are indeed better.

  • Affordability

The monthly fee is lower for your online streaming services than most of the big cable TV providers. On average, the cable package costs about $105. On the other hand, the monthly sign-up fee for Netflix or Hulu Plus is lower than 10 dollars. A lot of streaming services are available in packages, which will cost you somewhere between 8 and 20 dollars. Please know that in streaming services, the prices also depend on your chosen resolution.

  • Customized viewing

In streaming services, you can personalize the viewing experience. You can subscribe to shows, and the provider will send you alerts as and when new episodes are up. They also provide you with recommendations based on viewing history. It is something that you do not get with your traditional cable TV.

  • You can binge-watch

On cable TV, there is a schedule. So, whichever episode is on air, you will have to watch that, and then wait for the next episode. On the other hand, you can binge-watch as many episodes of your favorite show on your streaming services.

  • Wider collection

It is quite apparent that cable TV has more channels, so the collection is undoubtedly more comprehensive on cable TV.

  • Sports 

Sports channels are the biggest pro for cable TV. It is also why a lot of people do not cut the cord. Streaming services do not give you access to live sporting events. Even if they do, it comes at an added cost.

  • Internet access

For watching anything on a streaming service, you need access to the internet. Moreover, internet speed has to be fast enough to ensure that the viewing experience is good. There is no such requirement for cable TV.

So, through this comparison between streaming services and TV cable packages, it is quite evident that both of them have their share of pros and cons. You can weigh them and make a decision depending upon your personal preferences.

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