Collectibles That Actually Go Up In Value

Collectibles That Actually Go Up In Value

No matter what you collect, whether it’s gold, silver, and bullion coins, memorabilia, sports apparel, stamps, or trading cars, you know how much money can come out of collectibles. However, there are some items that don’t go up in value too much and can become a poor investment if you collect them. If you’re just starting out or are curious about what collectibles actually go up in value, this listicle is for you:

1. Fine wine

If you’re an individual with patience, this collectible might be the one for you. Fine wine can take years up to a decade to see a return. However long it may take, it is a dependable investment and is easy to start out with. The older the wine, the more valuable it becomes.

2. Comic books

First edition or classic comic books have great returns, making them an optimal choice for starting a collection. This area of collectibles does take some research to understand what’s profitable and what’s not, but if you can work around this, you can make some real money. For example, a single page from the 1984 edition of Spider Man sold at an auction for $3.6 million—imagine what the whole book could go for!

3. Stamps

Stamps are one of the most common collectibles and have many features that make them one of the best collectible investments. With their small and lightweight design, you don’t have to worry about running out of room for your collection and when you buy stamps before their value goes up, they are quite affordable. Stamps are also frequently produced and released in limited batches which makes their value increase significantly after some time has passed.

4. Rare coins

You’d be surprised how much money you could get for a rare coin—hint, it’s well over its face value. For example, the 1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is worth over $10 million. There are more affordable coins to start out with, so don’t worry, you won’t have to make a million dollar investment. Limited edition coins or coins with minting errors often go up in value over time, just make sure you get an authentic coin.

5. Sports memorabilia

Trading cards, jerseys, helmets, autographs, sports apparel (like jerseys), and balls are just some examples of the many types of sports merchandise that go up in value over time. Regardless of the team you follow, these items almost always go up in value after some years have passed.

6. Toys and figurines

Some may think that the collection of toys and figurines are childish, but they don’t understand just how much of a return you can get for items like model car Dinky Toys or an original Star Wars toy. Be sure to do your research before buying as not all items will have as much value as others. Look for pieces in mint condition with original tags, original boxes, and plastic sleeves, and hold onto them for at least 20 years so the peak-nostalgia market will arise.

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Collectibles That Actually Go Up In Value

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