5 Essential Mascara Hacks to Know

5 Essential Mascara Hacks to Know

Beauty is one of the most important things for women. Mascara is a beauty fixture that is in many makeup bags. Mascara is used to amplify the look of eyelashes. Many women suffer from thin eyelashes or short eyelashes and mascara helps to get rid of those ailments. Thin eyelashes can be contributed to everyday wear and tear and sometimes age. In this article you will learn five mascara hacks, that is sure to make your eyelashes look and feel full and long:

1. Condition your lashes

Not only do eyelashes serve the purpose of making the face look beautiful, the most important use of eyelashes is to protect the eyes. In order to have healthy long eyelashes, they must be taken care of and one way of taking care of your eyelashes is by conditioning them. Conditioning your eyelashes allows your eyelashes to get the moisture it needs so they can strengthen and grow. Lash conditioner can stop breakage in its tracks.

2. Use an eyelash curler

If you want to have the appearance of long eyelashes, you can use an eyelash curler. One of the first things that’s important when using an eyelash curler is choosing the right curler for you. There are many eyelash curlers available in the market some are heated curlers and some are traditional eyelash curlers. The heated eyelash curler will give you a more intense look on your eyelashes, and the curl and the appearance of long eyelashes will last longer. However if you’re looking for something that is more simple you can always add a regular eyelash curler and add it with some mascara.The combination of the eyelash curler and mascara will amplify the look and make your eyelashes look more full and luscious.

3. Use an eyelash primer

If you are seeking thick eyelashes without the work of getting eyelash extensions then eyelash primer is for you. Eyelash primer prepares your eyelashes for the mascara that’s going to be placed upon it. It will give you a dramatic look with the addition of your favorite mascara. With eyelash primer you are coating your lashes with keratin, which is used to strengthen your eyelashes and give it a voluminous appearance.

4. Blot the mascara wand

When you are applying your mascara onto your eyelashes the first thing you wanna do is blot the eyelash wand. Blotting the eyelash wand will prevent clumpy lashes and it will remove any excess product that can cause unsightly eyelashes. If you happen to get clumpy eyelashes the next best thing you can do is use an eyelash comb to fluff your eyelashes and remove any excess mascara.

5. Do NOT pump the wand

A top rule when applying mascara is to not pump the eyelash wand. Pumping in the eyelash wand does not coat the wand faster. Pumping the eyelash wand into the mascara will introduce air into the container and dry out your mascara faster, which is something that you do not want. These steps can help you achieve full, long eyelashes.

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