5 Essential Eyeshadow Hacks to Know

5 Essential Eyeshadow Hacks to Know

A perfectly blended eyeshadow look is what every eye makeup enthusiast wants. It is not an easy look to achieve, but there are several hacks you can use to look flawless in your eye makeup. The hacks will also go a long way to ensure the eyeshadow’s longevity without a frequent touch-up. The five hacks are as discussed below:

1. Use an eye primer

The first hack is using an eye primer, which can either be cream-based or liquid. Using an eye primer gives you a smooth finish that lasts longer. It helps keep your eyeshadow and your eyelids in place, avoiding smudging or a messy look. Primer absorbs excess oils from the eyelids because when eyelids are greasy, the eyeshadow tends to look uneven or even disappear altogether. Also, nude or white primers allow one to apply eyeshadow on a clean slate because these primers will take care of dark pigmentation on the eyelids. Eye primer makes the eyelid ready for the application of eyeshadow.

2. Use a magnifying mirror

A magnifying mirror is a necessary tool when applying eyeshadow. It is essential for people who wear glasses or wear contact lenses and prefer to use their makeup before wearing contacts. A right makeup mirror should put in mind lighting and how much magnification is required. Magnification is usually based on personal preference, although the most common lies in the range of 3times to 5 times. When using a magnifying mirror, you should ensure adequate lighting to see how the eyeshadow will look in natural lighting and apply the eyeshadow while standing or sitting as close to the mirror as possible to avoid distortion of features. A good quality mirror can make all the difference between flawless eyeshadow and a disappointing look.

3. Use both hands

Another way to apply eyeshadow perfectly is to use two hands. When applying eyeshadow with both hands, you will end up with a beautiful finish as this serves to manage the fallout. You use one hand to hold a silicone pad while the other hand applies the eyeshadow. Any makeup that falls lands on the pad, and it does not mess up your makeup. Using both hands is also efficient and fast, and it will give you a smooth finish as contrasted with holding a mirror with one hand while applying with the other.

4. Smudge to cover up errors

Smudging up to cover errors when applying eye shadow is also a useful hack. To smudge up the wrongly applied eyeshadow, use a little amount of water on tissue or use a silicone-based makeup remover. Then apply the makeup all over again to get a smooth finish.

5. Use setting powder

Using powder to set eyeshadow is another great hack. You can apply eyeshadow like a pro, but if the eyelids remain greasy, it will disappear or even run before the time you need to remove it. Your eyeshadow can also transfer from one smoothly blended part of the eyelid to another. To manage this transfer, dust lightly some setting powder on the eyelid immediately after applying primer before applying eyeshadow. Another benefit of using setting powder is that it will blend different eyeshadow hues and shades on the eyelid giving you a smoother finish. With that in mind, you can invest in a quality setting powder, preferably a translucent one.

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