Top 5 Natural Birth Control Measures

Top 5 Natural Birth Control Measures

There are several ways through pregnancy can be prevented without the use of medications or devices that can otherwise have side effects. In this article, we will have a look at some of the natural birth control measures in brief.

Calendar method
As a natural birth control measure, the calendar method is used to monitor fertile periods during the menstrual cycle. In this method, a woman checks how many days her cycle lasts for. A woman keeps a track of her menstrual cycle’s length for six months. She subsequently keeps tabs on progress from the first day of her menstrual bleeding. By doing this a woman can determine if she is fertile or not on a given day and then she can avoid having intercourse on those days.

Using certain herbs as natural birth control measures
Certain herbs can increase the success rate of preventing pregnancy. They are known to have fewer side effects in comparison to synthetic hormones, chemical-based agents, and several other methods of birth control. It is always advisable to take due guidance and permission from your doctor before consuming these. Examples of such natural herbs include thistle, ginger root, and wild carrot seed.

Withdrawal is one of the natural birth control measures in which a man removes his penis from a woman’s vagina before ejaculating. This birth control method aims to stop the semen from going inside the vagina. In scientific terms, it is also known as coitus interruptus. But since the withdrawal is not an easy measure to perfect, it should be accompanied by other methods of birth control such as the usage of a contraceptive pill.

Condoms are a great way to prevent pregnancy and even sexually transmitted diseases. It is important to use condoms correctly to avoid any skin to skin contact. Also, condoms should be worn throughout sexual intercourse. In case you use condoms correctly, you can prevent pregnancy by almost 95 percent. But, in real-life scenarios, since people fail to use condoms correctly, the effectiveness has reduced to 85 percent.

Birth control sponge
Birth control or contraceptive sponge is a round, small sponge made from soft plastic. It is inserted inside the vagina before intercourse. It helps birth prevention as it contains spermicide and it even covers your cervix. For extracting it out of the vagina, you can use the attached fabric loop. The spermicide present inside the sponge slows down the sperm so that it does not reach the egg. It can either be used with a condom or can be used as an independent measure.

Natural birth control measures are advantageous as they help you save a lot of money. They do not include any complex medical procedures that can otherwise demand multiple healthcare visits. Also, they do not involve any hormonal manipulation.

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