Risk Factors and Preventive Measures of Hepatitis C

Risk Factors and Preventive Measures of Hepatitis C

Over 3 million people in the country have a prolonged infection from the hepatitis C virus. A carrier of this disease can pass it on to someone else via their bodily fluids or blood. It is essential to be aware of the risk factors that make you susceptible to Hepatitis C. Moreover, having knowledge of preventive measures will prove helpful in keeping this disease at bay.

Read on to know more about the risk factors and preventive measures of Hepatitis C.

Risk factors

  • Blood transfusion

If you underwent a blood transfusion before 1992, you are slightly more vulnerable to developing Hepatitis C. So, it is best to get regular screening tests done to ensure early detection of the disease.

  • Substance abuse

If you inject illegal drugs, you are prone to developing hepatitis C. It is one of the most prevalent risk factors of Hepatitis C in the country. Approximately 80% of new users develop the disease between six to 12 months of injecting drugs.

  • Needles or blood

Lab technicians, nurses, and doctors who work around needles are vulnerable to developing hepatitis C.

  • Dialysis

If the equipment is not cleaned thoroughly, you are at risk of contracting hepatitis C.

  • Multiple sexual partners

People who have more than one sexual partner or have sex with someone who has a sexually transmitted infection, such as HIV, are at a high risk of contracting hepatitis C.

  • Spouse

If your partner has hepatitis C or if you are taking care of someone with this condition, then you are at risk of developing the disease.

  • Tattoos or piercings

If you get a piercing or a tattoo from a place that does not use sterile or disposable tools, your risk of developing hepatitis C increases.

  • Mother

A hepatitis C infected mother can pass on the disease to the baby.

Follow the tips given below to prevent hepatitis C.

  • Do not indulge in substance abuse

Refrain from abusing any illegal substance, especially those that have to be injected.

  • Get a piercing or a tattoo from a reputable shop

Before getting the procedure done, inquire about their method of cleaning the equipment. Also, ensure that they use only sterile needles. Refrain from parlors that do not have satisfactory cleaning methods and sanitization.

  • Engage in safe sex

If you are engaging in intercourse with more than one partner or with someone whose health status is not certain, use a condom.

So, these are some risk factors and preventive measures of Hepatitis C that you should know about to prevent this disease.  

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