Preventive Tips and Treatment Options of Lymphoma

Preventive Tips and Treatment Options of Lymphoma

The type of cancer that develops in the lymphocytes, cells in the immune system that fight infection, is known as lymphoma. These cells can be found in the spleen, lymph nodes, thymus, bone marrow, and several other body parts.

Lymphoma treatment, and prevention tips are two extremely important aspects of the condition that you must know about.

Things to know about lymphoma – treatment and prevention
Just like any other cancer, lymphoma also grows in stages. Therefore, the course of treatment that a doctor will suggest will depend on the stage of cancer. Also, lymphoma can be of various types. So, the type diagnosed in a patient will also determine their treatment plan. Regardless of what course of treatment is prescribed, the goal will remain the same – to kill as many cancer cells as possible and send the condition to a remission stage.

Treatment options for lymphoma 

  • Surveillance
    Some types of lymphoma are not aggressive and grow slowly. In such cases, the doctor can prescribe to wait for cancer to grow until it causes any signs or symptoms that can create problems with the patient’s routine life. The patient will be asked to take tests periodically in order to keep an active watch on the growth of cancer.
  • Chemotherapy
    This is a treatment option that is used to kill any cells that multiply abnormally, which are the cancer cells. The therapy uses medication that can be administered intravenously or orally. How you take the drug will depend on the type of medication you have been prescribed.
  • Radiation therapy
    This is another treatment option for lymphoma. In this therapy, beams with high power, such as X-rays, are used to destroy the cancer cells in the body.
  • Bone marrow transplant
    Also referred to as stem cell transplant, this treatment option includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy. During the treatment, healthy bone marrow from parts of your body or from a donor is administered into the blood. The healthy stem cells then travel to the bones and start to rebuild the bone marrow. 

Prevention tips for lymphoma
There are several prevention tips that you can take to prevent cancer in general and also, to some degree, lymphoma in particular also. These include:

  • Stay active
    As per the American Cancer Society, following a daily exercise routine can help in preventing cancer to a large extent. However, anything particularly about the effects of exercise on lymphoma prevention has not been studied yet. But working out regularly and staying active can give a tremendous boost to your overall health.
  • Avoid environmental exposures
    Among the most common and proven causes of lymphoma is environmental exposures. The use of certain chemicals or exposure to them has been linked with the development of lymphoma and some other types of cancers. Therefore, preventing exposure to such chemicals can prevent the development of lymphoma.
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