5 Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth:

And Tips to Keep Dentures and Implants Clean

5 Home Remedies for Whiter Teeth:

Plenty of us wish for whiter teeth but want to avoid using the chemicals found in products like tooth whitening strips. Keeping our teeth clean and healthy—as well as dentures and implants—is very important. Hydrogen peroxide, polident, and waterpik: as denture and implant cleaners mentioned, these can all help ensure cleanliness. Moreover, Fixodent can be used to hold dentures in place, thus keeping them from falling out and becoming dirty. As we know, our teeth are very important—keep reading to learn about 5 natural remedies to stay on top of your smile:

1. Strawberry and baking soda mixture
By mashing a ripe strawberry and combining it with only a sprinkle of baking soda, you can create an effective natural paste for teeth whitening. While it hasn’t been backed by science and strawberries probably won’t penetrate your teeth stains, this mixture can aid in exfoliating your teeth to make them look whiter. While studies show that this paste has minimal effects on tooth enamel, we recommend limiting use to 1-3 times per week to avoid any potential damage.

2. Oil pulling
Using this traditional method developed by Indians can improve oral health and hygiene. While no scientific evidence supports oil pulling as a tooth whitening remedy, those who have tried it have found themselves satisfied with the results. Sesame oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil are all popular options for this remedy—to perform it, just choose one of these oils and swish it around in your mouth for 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Changing your diet
Coffee, tea, sodas, dark berries, and red wine are all tooth staining culprits. While it’s not necessary to avoid these foods like the plague, it might be good to limit them if you’re worried about the effect they’re having on your teeth. Otherwise, drinking tooth staining beverages with a straw—so as to avoid direct contact with teeth—or brushing your teeth around sixty minutes after consumption can help prevent yellowing.

4. Apple cider vinegar
Using apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash can be effective in whitening teeth, however it should be used sparingly as it can lead to the erosion of tooth enamel if done too frequently. By diluting apple cider vinegar with water in a 1:2 ratio, swishing it around for a couple seconds, and rinsing with water after spitting it back into the sink, you’ll prevent plaque buildup and have a whiter smile!

5. Brushing your teeth
This fifth remedy may seem cliche, but we’re being honest! By regularly brushing your teeth—preferably twice a day but maybe more, depending on your diet and desired tooth whiteness—you can help work against the yellowing of your teeth. However, after drinking or eating acidic foods, wait for a little while before brushing to avoid erosion. Whitening toothpaste may work for some, and it might be a good idea to consult with your dentist on the best brands for you.

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