3 Early Symptoms of Dementia

3 Early Symptoms of Dementia

Dementia is a neurological disease that impairs the functions of the brain, which can affect a person’s memory and judgment. There are four main types of dementia, which include Alzheimer’s Disease, Lewy Body, Vascular, and Frontotemporal Dementia. There are currently more than 100 different diseases that can contribute to dementia, but it’s typically caused by either age, environment, lifestyle, or genetics.

To understand and detect dementia, you first must understand it’s symptoms. Below is a list of three early symptoms associated with dementia:

1. Memory loss

Everyone experiences occasional forgetfulness as they grow older, which is also one of the most common signs of dementia. If you’re experiencing memory loss that disrupts your daily life, chances are you may be experiencing the beginning of symptoms of dementia, especially if you begin to experience changes with your short-term memory. If you find your loved ones constantly writing reminder notes or if you find post-its scattered around the house, this is oftentimes a key indicator that they are experiencing the beginning symptoms of dementia.

Patients who suffer from dementia may also misplace things or put them in usual places. Repetitive behavior is another symptom of dementia, which can cause patients to repeat the same tasks, over and over again, such as brushing their teeth, obsessive collecting, or hoarding. Difficulty concentrating or completing simple tasks is another early symptom of dementia. If your loved one suddenly experiences difficulty balancing their checkbook or setting their alarm, they may be experiencing symptoms of dementia. They also may experience poor judgment when it comes to dealing with money or grooming themselves.

2. Confusion about time and place

Patients who suffer from dementia often become easily confused, which can cause them to lose track of dates and the time. Patients experiencing the beginning symptoms of dementia may also find themselves driving, but have no idea where they’re heading. They may also experience difficulty recognizing faces and interacting with people. Patients who suffer from dementia experience difficulty determining colors and distances, which can hinder their ability to drive. If you notice your loved ones having difficulty following storylines or understanding the meaning of words, it may be a symptom of dementia.

Mood changes are another common symptom of dementia, which isn’t always easy to recognize but is a typical early sign of dementia. Many people who suffer from dementia may experience a sudden change in their personality, which can cause a person who’s typically outgoing to be shy and more reserved. They may also experience symptoms of sudden depression and extreme anxiety. People who suffer from dementia may also commonly exhibit apathy, which is a common symptom of dementia. If you notice your loved one suddenly losing interest in hobbies that they once loved or and spending time with friends, it could be due to dementia. Patients who suffer from dementia often have a difficult time adjusting to change, which is why many patients who suffer from dementia repeat the same routine.

3. Speech issues

Another early symptom of dementia is speech issues, which can even cause aphasia. Aphasia affects a person’s ability to speak and understand speech. Depending on the severity of the disease, the patient’s speech difficulty can vary in range.

Dementia patients may also struggle to communicate thoughts properly, which includes finding the right words to express themselves or have trouble following a conversation.

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