Foods That Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Foods That Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is quite a major issue affecting men all over the globe. It is when a man is unable to maintain a firm erection required for sex. While there are several ways to cure the problem, diet can be a simple way to enhance existing treatment. So, here are some of the natural foods to cure ED.

Coffee contains polyphenols that are known for promoting erection. It is also considered as one of the best natural foods to cure ED as it relaxes the cavernous smooth muscles. Furthermore, coffee enhances blood flow in the penis and also improves testosterone concentrations.

Apple contains flavonoids that supply a sufficient amount of energy to the penis. It also is believed to improve blood flow by opening your blood vessels and increasing the flexibility of arteries. It is for the same reason that apple or apple peels are considered one of the best natural foods to cure ED.

Avocadoes contain Vitamin B6, which solves the problem of erectile dysfunction associated with diabetes or clogged arteries. It also helps in increasing sperm count and controlling testosterone levels. It also contains Vitamin C, which again is helpful for men with erectile dysfunction.

Chili peppers
Chili peppers help in curing erectile dysfunction because they have capsaicin that further has neuropeptide activating and metabolism-boosting agents, which facilitate the central sexual behavior. They also contain alkaloid particles that stimulate nerves in the penis, thereby supporting a prolonged erection.

Pistachios are rich in a protein called arginine, which helps in the relaxation of blood vessels. A recent study has concluded that men who ate pistachios every day for three weeks were able to improve sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction.

Oats are considered the best natural foods to cure ED for several reasons. First, Avena Sativa which is also known as wild oats is a natural aphrodisiac. Even normal oats are considered to be highly beneficial for reaching orgasm. Oats also contain L-arginine that relaxes blood vessels in the penis. The same L-arginine is also used in curing erectile dysfunction.

Tomatoes contain lycopene, a phytonutrient that helps in coping with sexual issues and is also good for the circulation of blood. Researches have also shown that tomatoes also contain antioxidants that help fight prostate cancer and male infertility.

Dark chocolate
Erection problems are sometimes attributed to poor circulation. The flavonoids in dark chocolate can help in resolving the issue in circulation. The same flavonoids are also known to repair cell damage. Dark chocolate also helps in decreasing cholesterol levels and blood pressure both of which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

In the case of erectile dysfunction, one might need medical attention. But, apart from medications, surgical implants, and even testosterone replacement, certain changes in lifestyle and diet can significantly help resolve erectile dysfunction.

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