Dietary Tips to Manage Sleep Apnea

Dietary Tips to Manage Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition where the breathing of an individual repeatedly stops and starts throughout their sleep, causing disruption in sleep. This disorder has a great impact on a person’s day-to-day life, as it causes fatigue. There are many natural ways to treat sleep apnea; here are some dietary tips for sleep apnea that can help.

Foods to consume

  • High-fiber fruits and vegetables

Controlling body weight and preventing obesity helps control sleep apnea. This can be achieved by consuming fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber as they improve the body’s digestion and help one stay fuller for longer hours and avoid overeating.

  • Plant-based oils

Consuming plant-based oils can help you remove fatty butter and margarine from your diet. Plant-based oils are a perfect and healthier substitute for cooking. This will allow you to reduce the consumption of fatty food and control the amount of fat that collects in the airways. Plant-based oils provide your body with healthy fats that do not cause health issues.

  • Spice

Consuming essential spices such as turmeric, cinnamon, and roots such as ginger and garlic can help control sleep apnea. Consuming these spices and roots increases the body’s internal temperature, clearing out fluids or mucus that have clogged the airways.

Foods to avoid

  • High-fat dairy and sugar products

Consuming high-fat dairy and sugar products are harmful to people with sleep apnea. These products contribute to body fat and are one of the fastest ways to put on weight. Being obese is directly related to heightened risk and worsening of sleep apnea in young adults.

  • Banana

While most fruits help treat sleep apnea, banana does the opposite. Consuming bananas increases mucus production, which can clog airways, causing difficulty in breathing. It is best to consume under-ripe bananas instead.

●     Fatty meat

This is one of the most important dietary tips for sleep apnea. Consuming fatty meat is detrimental to sleep apnea patients. Fatty meat causes fat to clog airways. Fatty meat also blocks arteries in the heart, which may complicate the situation for a person suffering from sleep apnea. This can cause breathing and heart issues to develop simultaneously.

●     Refined carbohydrates

Refined carbs may seem harmless, but they contain a lot of sugar. Consuming large amounts of refined carbs increases sugar intake, and thus, causes you to put on more weight. This even increases the risk of getting diabetes.

Now that you know the dietary tips for sleep apnea, ensure that you follow these and prevent and control symptoms of sleep apnea.

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