5 Drinks That are Good for Cold and Flu

5 Drinks That are Good for Cold and Flu

Flu and cold season can bring a variety of unpleasant symptoms. Both illnesses derive from viruses and can cause achy muscles, sore throat, congestion, cough, and a loss of energy. However, the common cold, unlike the flu, rarely causes fever, chills, nausea or vomiting. To help boost your immune system while soothing flu or cold symptoms, a few natural remedies can help. Aside from medication, many people find relief from these soothing drinks:

1. Hot water with lemon and honey
Hot water with lemon and honey can soothe any sore throat. Warm water is often used to relax the throat which is especially helpful for times when it is difficult to swallow. Even a minor cold can cause painful irritation and honey is a sweet and tasty way to effectively coat the inside. Using a splash of lemon juice or a fresh slice will provide antimicrobial properties and vitamin C to help fight off the infection.

2. Ginger tea
Ginger can actually help fight viral infections. When the cold or the flu develops, a viral infection is usually to blame. In addition to the healing benefits of warm water, adding ginger is packed with extra nutrients to help fight viruses. As a natural anti-inflammatory, ginger eases the pain of a sore throat as well as reducing potential risk for future infections. By accelerating the recovery time while simultaneously limiting the severity of an illness, this tea is highly beneficial for many viral infections.

3. Chicken broth
Any type of clear broth can hydrate the body. Because clear broth provides both water and salt without many preservatives or additives, hydration can be easily achieved during a time when the body needs it most. Chicken is especially helpful in this equation because it can reduce inflammation. Since many people recovering from the flu or a cold may wish to avoid swallowing large chunks of meat, chicken broth can still provide the desired flavor. Reducing inflammation during a cold or flu can ease a sore throat as well as headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms.

4. Ginger ale
Warm or flat ginger soda is often recommended for a flu or cold. Since ginger decreases inflammation while boosting the immune system, this type of soda is another drink that works to fight against infection. To quickly reduce inflammation, ginger soda can be poured into a glass with a small amount of sugar to reduce some of the carbonation. Many people find ginger soda helpful after the first day of a cold because it can be easily tolerated when swallowing. This can also help boost energy levels when the body may feel run down or sluggish.

5. 100% orange juice
Orange juice is one of the most well-known drinks to help boost the immune system during the cold and flu season. Because it has a significant amount of vitamin C, the duration of colds or the flu can actually be decreased. 100% natural orange juice creates a maximum boost in the immune system because of its pulp. Pulp contains not only large quantities of vitamin C, but folic acid as well.

Staying hydrated is crucial when fighting a viral infection. Tea, ginger ale, and broth can all keep the body recover in minimal time. By using natural methods for healing, common foods and drinks can be used to boost the immune system while reducing symptoms.

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