Comparison Between SUVs and Crossovers

Comparison Between SUVs and Crossovers

It is common for those who prefer to opt for a family car to consider SUVs and crossovers. People may want to know the distinction between these two. Are you also among those who have pondered what the difference between SUVs and crossovers is? 

Here is a comparison between SUVs and crossovers, which will help you make the right pick to suit your requirements. 

SUVs vs. Crossovers

  • Difference in platform
    It is worthy to note that the body and frame of a crossover have a one-piece built. This is why it goes by the name of a unibody. Due to this unique design, it offers a better riding experience and fuel economy. SUVs happen to be more sports-centric and have their body and frame built separately. Later, they are made to join during the final manufacturing process. Generally, SUVs are larger and rugged. 
  • Available in diverse sizes
    Since an SUV is designed to run on rough terrains, it is typically bigger when compared to a crossover. You will have the option to pick from either a mid-sized or a full-sized vehicle. On the other hand, a crossover can easily be a compact vehicle or a full-size beast. Yet, a crossover is often given the name of a compact SUV. 
  • Difference in names
    This is a mere illusion, and in reality, there is no strict difference between a crossover and an SUV in this regard. Brands will use a variety of names to address a vehicle and market it to the customers. However, because a car is specially called a sports activity vehicle, it does not mean that it is necessarily better than another SUV or crossover. 
  • Versatility in terms of AWD
    Crossovers are traditionally built with a four-wheel drive (4WD) system. However, many brands have started making their crossover options with an all-wheel control system in recent times. On the other hand, an SUV is designed with a rear-wheel-drive system. The unique 4WD system makes it capable of cruising along the most treacherous roads and offers an adventurous drive. For a crossover, a front-wheel-drive system means better control and ease of driving on an array of roads. 

Does this mean that SUVs are entirely different from crossovers?
Not really! Even though the two have many differences, there are certain similarities, making them nearly the same. Both cars have an elevated ground clearance, which gives the driver an advantage in terms of seating comfort and ease of driving. The vehicle’s cargo area is built to occupy the cabin, eliminating the need for a separate trunk. So, for many reasons, either of the SUV or crossovers are quite popular with families. Thus, the decision between SUVs vs. crossovers is only a matter of personal preference. 

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